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Krrish Chicken Soup Base:

Ready to eat Noodles (also called Brown Noodles) with Chicken Seasoning Powder (chicken flavoured). It is a product belonging to snacks brand.

Shelf life of 9 months from the date of packing with net weight 50 grams which costing Rs. 10 per packet.


Noodles: Wheat flavor, vegetable oil, soya sauce, chicken, monosodium glutamate,stabilisher (E421) and permitted food additives (E500,E501,E551).

Seasoning: Chicken Extract powder, flavor enhancer (E621, E631, E627), spices, Dehydrated Vegetables, Salt and anti-caking agent (E559), chilli powder and onion flavoured oil.

How to Eat?

To have it as a soup:

  • Boil 200ml of water. Add noodles and seasoning powder in it.
  • Cook it for 2 minutes in an open pan. Stir occasionally. Do not drain remaining water.
  • Add fresh garnishing as desire. Now your tasty krrish noodle is ready to serve.
  • Enjoy the tasty of krrish Instant Noodles.


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