2pm Akabare Chicken



Product Introduction: With the purpose of making your life awesome, 2pm aims to serve excitement in your life. By serving you exotic local spices with international flavor, 2pm always focuses on offering you surprising rendezvous leading you towards an awesome life.

Product: 2pm Akabare Chicken 2x Spicy


Nutritional Info:
Nutritional Facts*
Nutritional Facts per 100 (gm)

Calories – 505 Calories from fat –225

%Daily Value**
Total Fat 25 (gm) 38.46%
Saturated fat 12.2 (gm) 61%
Cholesterol 0 (gm) NA
Total Carbohydrate 60 (gm) 20%
Dietary Fibre 0.74 (gm) 2.96%
Sugar 0.032 (gm)
Protein 10 (gm) 20%

* Approximate Value
* *Daily Values are based on a 2000 calorie diet as per FDA Standard.

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